About Us

When you look around Australian regional towns and small cities in the last 10 years you see media businesses getting bigger and needing to make more profit, so there has been a shift to expand the markets they covered.

We saw this as an indictment of what it means to live in a regional town or city in Australia, so the NSW Local App Company was born.

Our thinking was “can we give people local news, sport and information about the community they live and work and have a successful business”? We are not here to get rich like the media moguls of Australia but to earn a respectable living and to super serve those neglected towns and small cities.

In November, 2017 we launched the Lismore App, our first hyper local business to test our theory.

So far, we can tell you that the people of Lismore love what we do!

Over 10,000 people have downloaded and are using the Lismore App on a daily or weekly basis. This number is growing every day.

As we say, we are “proud to be local”!